Welcome to the Web Site of Greg Livingstone

On October 2009 I celebrated my 50th anniversary of my call to be an ambassador for Christ throughout the Muslim world. I am profoundly grateful that our Father has kept me walking in obedience [on my conscious level, at least] week by week since 1956 when He opened my eyes and chose me to be His child, servant and friend. (see John 15:16]


That is NOT to claim I haven't grieved the Holy Spirit countless times! In fact, I mourn on how slow I've been to learn to "live with my dear wife (and colleagues & sons) in an understanding way". May we all ‘hunger and thirst' to continually be growing both in our walk with God, and in understanding how we can more fruitfully minister to a world of people ravaged by the Wicked One.


It seems right to me and the Holy Spirit that I leave some written legacy to those who would desire to ponder what I've gleaned over the years. I'll be asking the Father to use the ‘wheat' to build you up, and count on my friends to gently blow the ‘chaff' away.


Finally, a caveat-
What is posted herein are musings, pens'ees, if you will.  The pieces are meant to provoke further thought, or study; not by any imagination to be 'the last word' on the subject. 


-Greg Livingstone



"I have known Greg as an intimate friend who has compassion and a remarkable degree of humility. In a day where so many Christian leaders fall, I have seen Greg 'walk the talk' with admirable consistency."

                                                               Phil Parshall